Streamers not feeling the love from Twitch immediately put them on blast.

There’s no doubt Ninja is the biggest streamer on the platform. He’s been streaming since it was which would later be bought out and become Twitch. With the global popularity Fortnite has produced his brand has sky rocketed.

It hasn’t been a secret that Ninja would be live streaming from Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve. As we approach the New Year naturally promotions begin. However, some streamers noticed pre-roll AD’s for the Ninja NYE event were playing in their streams!

Streamers take it straight to Twitter

Once the word was out, tweets were sent out letting Twitch know they are not happy about it. Some big name partnered streamers were not okay with the platforms decision.

Is Twitch cannibalizing other streamers by promoting Ninja?
The Doctor gives his diagnosis.

Ninja emerges…

At one point Ninja jumped in on the conversation by asking, “…Whats not to like? or is it just because of me?”. He later deleted the tweet. Here is a screen shot from another Twitter user.

ninja new years eve twitch ad tweet
via Twitter user @haiDubhe

Many streamers joined in with their opinion. Some seemed not to care at all, pointing to the fact that ad’s are just part of the business. This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last time we’ll see advertisements for sponsored events.

This scenario shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. For every streamer or partner who’s rightfully upset about the ad, there’s another who couldn’t care less.

Understandably this could discourage smaller streamers a bit about their own channel growth.

While Twitch promotes it’s poster boy, many are feeling left in the dust. However, as the e-sports business grows, the deals and events will too. There will be plenty of opportunity for growing your stream the other 364 days of the year.

Who wants to sit around and watch Ninja play Fortnite on New Year’s Eve anyway?

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Don’t know how to complete challenges for Week 3? Here’s your cheat sheet!

Thursday brings a new set of challenges to complete in Fortnite. Season 7 challenges have been a grind, thankfully there are great people in the community here to help. Below is a cheat sheet to help you complete all of the Fortnite Season 7, Week 3 challenges. Thank you to one of our favorite creators @thesquatingdog who always provides these beautiful graphics to assist us all!

Support-A-Creator Code: SQUATINGDOG

Search Between Three Ski Lodges Explained

One of the harder challenges for Season 7, Week 3 is to search between three ski lodges. To locate the battle start you’ll need to make your way to block C9. Nestled in between Polar Peak, Frosty Flights and Happy Hamlet is where you’ll find the battle star for this challenge.

Don’t forget this week we also have the 14 Days of Fortnite happening, a limited time set of challenges players can complete to unlock in game items!

The latest update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is live.

Operation Absolute Zero is the newest season of Black Ops 4 content. Featuring a new specialist, armored vehicle and 100 loot tiers to unlock and much more.

Specialist Zero via

Meet Zero, Black Ops 4 newest specialist

Available in both multiplayer and Blackout mode, this stealth hacker uses her abilities to throw off enemies. Zero’s primary special is an EMP Grenade that will disrupt enemy HUDs. Her ultimate charge special is the Ice Pick, an enemy hacking system.

The EMP disruptor grenade has a wide blast radius giving you a greater chance of affecting multiple players. When charged up, the Ice Pick hacking tool will absolutely disrupt enemy HUDs.

Deploying Zero’s ability at the right time can really throw a team into a frenzy. The Ice Pick will scramble enemy HUDs, give false blips on the radar and disable abilities.

Zero seems to be a nice addition to the game. It’s refreshing to see new characters being added to Black Ops 4. This gives us hope we’ll have more specialists to come.

Source: Call of Duty

New Evidence in the Case Against Epic Games

Alfonso Ribeiro may have just blown his case against the Fortnite creators. He told TMZ today that he stole the dance from Eddie Murphy & Courtney Cox.

The Evidence

Here is the clip of Bruce Springsteen ‘Dancing in the Dark’ video where he pulls Courtney Cox on stage.

Bruce Springsteen & Courtney Cox Dance

Murphy’s white people can’t dance routine…


Alfonso Ribeiro, most commonly known to the world as Carlton, from the hit 90’s TV show ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ is telling Epic Games to pay up. The emote in dispute is “Fresh”, inspired from the wacky and amazing dance moves of Carlton in his mansion living room.

The Dance in Question

Ribeiro has set his sights on the creators of NBA 2K series as well. He’s taking both game makers to court over for stealing the dance he made famous.

Should the game studios pay up?

In this day and age the lines between copyrights, IP and using variations of it in content become blurrier by the day.

Epic Games has been very open, for the most part, letting creators get away with using their branded content in infinite ways. The introduction of their support a creator feature is a huge step for the gaming industry that we believe is currently unrealized to many.

The question now is can Epic get away making money off other peoples moves. TMZ broke the story last night of the lawsuit that has been filed against Epic for using the popular dance most associated with Ribieros on screen persona.

There’s no doubt the dance sold by the Fortnite in game store is the exact same as performed countless times on the TV show. However a case now has to be made whether or not this is actually his dance. A precedence may be set here for the ways in which game creators may adapt others work into their games.

No doubt this is a slippery slope and it seems to be pick up speed.

We’ll update as more info is available.

Source: TMZ

Fortnite v7.01 patch has been released with the biggest addition being a new Mythic weapon – The Infinity Sword.

via Epic Games

Players can find the Infinity Blade at Polar Peak, a new named location that made it’s debut in Fortnite Season 7. The sword was teased in this seasons opening intro in the hands of Sgt. Winter. We didn’t expect it this soon, and wonder if this is foreshadowing a future involving melee weapons.

What does the Infinity Blade do?

If you’re lucky enough to make it to the Infinity Blade spawn in the center of Polar Peak it will take you a few seconds to pick up, much like opening a loot llama. The first player in the match to acquire the blade will instantly have Health + Shields revived. While in possession of the blade, players health pool will double to 200 health/shields, regenerate at 1 HP/sec and award 50 HP with every blade elimination.

Whats the Damage?

The primary Infinity Blade slash can destroy elements around and deliver 75 damage to players. There is also a sword leap that will catapult you and deliver 25 player damage while destroying structures around upon landing.

With the early addition of the Infinity Blade we anticipate it to play a central role in the Season 7 lore. Unfortunately for now all we can continue to do is speculate.

Stay safe out there in the frozen tundra, this blade has some leap on it!