Fortnite v7.01 patch has been released with the biggest addition being a new Mythic weapon – The Infinity Sword.

via Epic Games

Players can find the Infinity Blade at Polar Peak, a new named location that made it’s debut in Fortnite Season 7. The sword was teased in this seasons opening intro in the hands of Sgt. Winter. We didn’t expect it this soon, and wonder if this is foreshadowing a future involving melee weapons.

What does the Infinity Blade do?

If you’re lucky enough to make it to the Infinity Blade spawn in the center of Polar Peak it will take you a few seconds to pick up, much like opening a loot llama. The first player in the match to acquire the blade will instantly have Health + Shields revived. While in possession of the blade, players health pool will double to 200 health/shields, regenerate at 1 HP/sec and award 50 HP with every blade elimination.

Whats the Damage?

The primary Infinity Blade slash can destroy elements around and deliver 75 damage to players. There is also a sword leap that will catapult you and deliver 25 player damage while destroying structures around upon landing.

With the early addition of the Infinity Blade we anticipate it to play a central role in the Season 7 lore. Unfortunately for now all we can continue to do is speculate.

´╗┐Stay safe out there in the frozen tundra, this blade has some leap on it!

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