Streamers not feeling the love from Twitch immediately put them on blast.

There’s no doubt Ninja is the biggest streamer on the platform. He’s been streaming since it was which would later be bought out and become Twitch. With the global popularity Fortnite has produced his brand has sky rocketed.

It hasn’t been a secret that Ninja would be live streaming from Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve. As we approach the New Year naturally promotions begin. However, some streamers noticed pre-roll AD’s for the Ninja NYE event were playing in their streams!

Streamers take it straight to Twitter

Once the word was out, tweets were sent out letting Twitch know they are not happy about it. Some big name partnered streamers were not okay with the platforms decision.

Is Twitch cannibalizing other streamers by promoting Ninja?
The Doctor gives his diagnosis.

Ninja emerges…

At one point Ninja jumped in on the conversation by asking, “…Whats not to like? or is it just because of me?”. He later deleted the tweet. Here is a screen shot from another Twitter user.

ninja new years eve twitch ad tweet
via Twitter user @haiDubhe

Many streamers joined in with their opinion. Some seemed not to care at all, pointing to the fact that ad’s are just part of the business. This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last time we’ll see advertisements for sponsored events.

This scenario shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. For every streamer or partner who’s rightfully upset about the ad, there’s another who couldn’t care less.

Understandably this could discourage smaller streamers a bit about their own channel growth.

While Twitch promotes it’s poster boy, many are feeling left in the dust. However, as the e-sports business grows, the deals and events will too. There will be plenty of opportunity for growing your stream the other 364 days of the year.

Who wants to sit around and watch Ninja play Fortnite on New Year’s Eve anyway?

[h/t u/Nicer_Chile]

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