Today Apple revealed it’s launching a mobile game subscription based service coming “this fall” for iOS, Mac and Apple TV.

Naturally they nailed the name of this new service, Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade will be a subscription accessible through an all new tab in the App Store. Available “this fall” on any iOS, Mac or Apple TV device you’ll be able to access over 100 premium games.

These games will be “ad-free with no additional purchases” necessary. That means no micro-transactions. No virtual currency available to purchase. No additional levels for sale. Just a pure gaming experience.

Apple Arcade promises over 100 New & Exclusive games, that are not available on any other platform. Working with developers and publishers such as Sega, Devolver, Konami, Lego and Cartoon Network there will be plenty of games available across genres.

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With no-limit on downloads gamers will have no restrictions on trying something new, where traditionally a paid app may have not been played.  

Apple put out a nice preview of what sort of games we can expect to see on the Arcade and it looks like Sonic is joining the party:

Multi-device sharing will let you pause a game on your iPhone and pick up right where you left off on your Apple TV. Family sharing will also be available, along with parental controls such as screen time.

Another big point Apple stressed was Privacy. They stated that games “can’t collect any data to sell” or “track you in game without consent”. With the ever-growing problem of personal data collection and tracking, it’s refreshing to see Apple stick to put this upfront and set a standard.

We’ll be covering Apple Arcade and any new details we learn leading up to the mobile game service launch in Fall 2019.

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