The latest update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is live.

Operation Absolute Zero is the newest season of Black Ops 4 content. Featuring a new specialist, armored vehicle and 100 loot tiers to unlock and much more.

Specialist Zero via

Meet Zero, Black Ops 4 newest specialist

Available in both multiplayer and Blackout mode, this stealth hacker uses her abilities to throw off enemies. Zero’s primary special is an EMP Grenade that will disrupt enemy HUDs. Her ultimate charge special is the Ice Pick, an enemy hacking system.

The EMP disruptor grenade has a wide blast radius giving you a greater chance of affecting multiple players. When charged up, the Ice Pick hacking tool will absolutely disrupt enemy HUDs.

Deploying Zero’s ability at the right time can really throw a team into a frenzy. The Ice Pick will scramble enemy HUDs, give false blips on the radar and disable abilities.

Zero seems to be a nice addition to the game. It’s refreshing to see new characters being added to Black Ops 4. This gives us hope we’ll have more specialists to come.

Source: Call of Duty