Developers take note, mark this one down as crap that won’t make your game any better.

A popular Ark: Survival Evolved content creator, H.O.D GAMING, recently uploaded a video exposing a well known glitch in the game. We should note that H.O.D isn’t the only creator who has covered this. In fact with a quick search you can find many videos that expose this “meshing” glitch.

The Glitch

Referred to as “meshing”, there are area’s to explore, and combinations of actions a player can take to break through the environment. Meshing allows a player to travel around outside of the maps playable area.

Off the bat this clearly gives players an unfair advantage over others. How can you engage with an enemy player when they are able to roll up on you without being seen?

I should note that I have not played ARK and don’t plan on it. So forgive me if my description isn’t game accurate. Albeit, anybody who watches the video H.O.D allegedly got banned for can tell that this “glitch” isn’t something you want in the game.

Not only did I watch multiple players demonstrate the various ways they’ve encountered the glitch. In the video you can see players setting up bases and using items while out of the play area!

Here is the video that H.O.D Gaming claims got them GLOBALLY BANNED from ARK servers by WildCard

Just a few of the comments we found on this video to give you the community perspective:

Wildcard fix the game ? nah dont even think about it

I thought chairs and sleepingbags were strictly for meshing?

Devs: instead of fixing this let’s just ban hud

The Ban

As of posting this blog, the video exposing this glitch had only been up for 1 day. The same exact day H.O.D Gaming uploaded a video of their global ban. That means they were banned by the Ark: Survival Evolved developer less than 24 hours after posting.

Since when has a developer ever gotten anything done that fast?

This isn’t like the old days where once your game was shipped, there’s no way to update it. Those days have been long gone. Developers have the ability to constantly update their games. Meaning if the community finds a glitch, devs have the opportunity to patch it. Simple, right?

Of course we understand that it may take more than a day or two to fix a broken game mechanic. Yea it sucks when people figure out how to exploit an error and use it to their advantage. But this is the world we live in. There are gamers that LIVE for breaking your game. Developers shouldn’t be punishing these people. If anything they should be hiring them.

What makes this case even more interesting is that it seems all of the players exposing the glitch we’re doing it because they thoroughly enjoy the game and want to see it fixed. Understandable.

These players weren’t cheating. They didn’t even show themselves exploiting the glitch beyond recognizing how to trigger it.

In Conclusion…

The fact that this happened is sad. I can’t think of any reason this ban is acceptable given what we know. WildCard may have been embarrassed having this epic, experience breaking glitch exposed. If that was the case they should have contacted H.O.D Gaming and asked nicely to remove the video while they work on a fix.

Instead it looks like WildCard decided to take the low road and just BAN an active content creator who has uploaded nothing but ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED content the past year.

Congratulations WildCard, you’ve gone from a few upset players in your community to the poster child of shitty game developer responses.