New Evidence in the Case Against Epic Games

Alfonso Ribeiro may have just blown his case against the Fortnite creators. He told TMZ today that he stole the dance from Eddie Murphy & Courtney Cox.

The Evidence

Here is the clip of Bruce Springsteen ‘Dancing in the Dark’ video where he pulls Courtney Cox on stage.

Bruce Springsteen & Courtney Cox Dance

Murphy’s white people can’t dance routine…


Alfonso Ribeiro, most commonly known to the world as Carlton, from the hit 90’s TV show ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ is telling Epic Games to pay up. The emote in dispute is “Fresh”, inspired from the wacky and amazing dance moves of Carlton in his mansion living room.

The Dance in Question

Ribeiro has set his sights on the creators of NBA 2K series as well. He’s taking both game makers to court over for stealing the dance he made famous.

Should the game studios pay up?

In this day and age the lines between copyrights, IP and using variations of it in content become blurrier by the day.

Epic Games has been very open, for the most part, letting creators get away with using their branded content in infinite ways. The introduction of their support a creator feature is a huge step for the gaming industry that we believe is currently unrealized to many.

The question now is can Epic get away making money off other peoples moves. TMZ broke the story last night of the lawsuit that has been filed against Epic for using the popular dance most associated with Ribieros on screen persona.

There’s no doubt the dance sold by the Fortnite in game store is the exact same as performed countless times on the TV show. However a case now has to be made whether or not this is actually his dance. A precedence may be set here for the ways in which game creators may adapt others work into their games.

No doubt this is a slippery slope and it seems to be pick up speed.

We’ll update as more info is available.

Source: TMZ